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This tremendous world I have inside of me. How to free myself, and this world, without tearing myself to pieces. And rather tear myself to a thousand pieces than be buried with this world within me.

—Franz Kafka (via vriginsuicides)

Esperanza Spalding, Robert Glasper, and a few other jazz artists I’m unfamiliar with performing Afro Blue. Robert Glasper’s Black Radio is seriously a great album. If you enjoyed this song, his album will not disappoint. 

Stay Shinin’- Dynasty feat. Talib Kweli

Janelle Monae ft. Miguel



New Music from @JanelleMonae ft. Miguel ! “Primetime” …babies will be made to this one!

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helloiamjacob asked: What's up? By the way, you were right about that song, apparently it's listed as being by both Tyga and Trinidad James? I don't understand how. GOLD ALL IN MA CHAIN

Sorry it took a while to respond to this. I’m good. Currently, I’m sitting in a coffee shop on Congress Ave., looking for jobs online. Mostly been doing errands all day. How about yourself? 

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Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu- Q.U.E.E.N.

The crew at Caprock Canyon State Park a few weeks back. Photo courtesy of Austin/ Erick.

The crew at Caprock Canyon State Park a few weeks back. Photo courtesy of Austin/ Erick.

"Just a little while back, just before I died in fact. I was on the operating table and I was searching to try to find something to hang onto, you know, cause when you’re dying your life really does become very authentic and I was reaching for something to give my life meaning and a memory flashed through my mind: It was one of those great spring days, it was Sunday, and you knew summer would be coming soon. And I remember that morning Dorrie and I had gone for a walk in the park and come back to the apartment. We were just sort of sitting around and I put on a record of Louie Armstrong which was music I grew up with and it was very, very pretty, and I happened to glance over and I saw Dorrie sitting there. And I remember thinking to myself how terrific she was and how much I loved her. And I don’t know, I guess it was a combination of everything, the sound of the music, and the breeze, and how beautiful Dorrie looked to me and for one brief moment everything just seemed to come together perfectly and I felt happy, almost indestructible in a way. It’s funny, that simple little moment of contact moved me in a very, very profound way."

-Woody Allen, “Stardust Memories”